Who is lindsay wagner dating

After six weeks of fasting, visualization and meditation, combined with prayer, the ulcers had disappeared.

“It was just such a profound experience for me that I wanted to learn more and it began a life of study for me,” recalls the 63-year-old actress in a recent telephone interview. It’s been my real passion.”Many remember Wagner as one of the most popular TV stars during the 1970s, particularly her Emmy Award-winning portrayal of Jaime Sommers as the .

I think it has something to do with the way TV shows can really connect with an audience, especially children.

So many women come up to me and say, ‘Jaime was so important because this was the first time we’d seen a really strong woman on TV.’ “The world of acting can get pretty crazy.

But her real passion, nurtured by more than four decades of studying with doctors, scientists, healers and spiritual leaders from around the world, lies in the holistic healing of mind, body and soul.

An astronaut who is severely injured when an experimental mission goes wrong, he is 'rebuilt' with bionic parts that enhance his speed, vision and strength and deployed as a top secret government agent.

In 1975, Wagner made a two-episode guest appearance as his love interest, professional tennis player Jamie Sommers.

When she who is left paralyzed following a parachuting accident, she is saved with the same procedures that saved Austin.

Growing up in a home plagued by domestic violence, Lindsay Wagner internalized her pain and didn’t speak about the abuse. The pain, she says, was “eating its way out of my stomach.”Slated to undergo surgery, Wagner had the great fortune, and “blessing,” of being introduced to a doctor and minister who approached her care in a holistic manner.

By age 19, the budding actress was suffering from a severe case of ulcers.

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