Teen speed dating

I set a timer for three minutes and told them to look at the book, read the blurb, or start reading if they wanted to.You may want to vary the time depending on the fluency of your readers.I first blogged about this with you back in 2013, added a genre twist last year, and now I've added a video and a few new tweaks!With my middle school kids this activity is guaranteed to make them grin, giggle, and cringe a little. Because prepare yourselves, book lovahs, this is super cheezy!We always make sure there is a balanced ratio of men and women at our events.-am Mc Cormick Place | Book Buzz Theater Add to your schedule Join Talia Sherer as she presents her favorite adult titles from Macmillan alongside the hilarious Virginia Stanley and always-entertaining Chris Vaccari!The participants start by picking a book that they would like to “meet.” They get about 3 minutes with that book to read the description and the first few pages.

You could easily call it a Book Tasting and adapt the reading time for younger kids.

Everyone then passed the book to their right and I set the timer again.

The evening kicks off with your host giving a brief explanation of how the evening works.

It may help to vary the way the participants pass the books on by having them pass 3 to the right one time and 5 to the right another time, etc.

I want to share with you a favorite book selection activity that the kids dig, is super silly and fun, creates a lot of excitement, and makes the books fly out of the library!

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