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Aboiteau Beach provides fantastic family fun in the heart of Acadia. Actress Helen Hunt orders a hamburger and chips at the Pacific Palisades restaurant where we’re having lunch and the waiter delivers the burger minus the bun, assuming that the svelte Oscar-winning star adheres to the rigid, carb-free diet that the majority of her Californian contemporaries follow. ‘They probably saw me walk through the door and thought, “She’s an actress,” and threw the bun in the bin,’ she says, ordering a glass of sauvignon blanc and breaking another sacred Hollywood rule: no drinking at lunchtime.After all, we have the warmest salt water in the country.

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The actress spends much of her screen time ‘utterly naked. ‘But then I thought, “Do I care about what people think of my body or do I care about being part of a story that is beautiful?

Make time to stop for a photo-op next to the World’s Largest Lobster!

Splash into fun at any of our beaches perfect for swimming (we have over 50) or lean back on your chair and let each day turn into well-earned family time out.

There’s no question about it – you’ll want to discover all of New Brunswick’s beaches!

We think the best beaches in Canada are right here in New Brunswick.

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