No credit card needed text chat

Where Square really shines is in the additional features and flexibility it gives your business.

Of course, you can accept credit/debit payments and record cash and check payments as well.

With a credit card, the issuer’s money is on the line, which is why they will usually be willing to go to the mat with the retailer to rectify the situation and perform a charge back if necessary.

This article examines the different types of credit card processing solutions and offer a good list of resources for reference as you search for a credit card processing provider.

Canadian banks love to gouge us with fees - even raising them while raking in record profits for themselves... I'm right there with you, I normally go out of my way to avoid fees too.

If that's you, then this no fee cash back card analysis is just what you need.

Perhaps the most important credit card benefit is your protection against unauthorized and fraudulent purchases.

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