Elgin watch dating

The Evolution of the Modern Ordnance Industry With the coming of World War II, Elgin and its competitors, such as the Bulova Watch Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the Gruen Watch Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, were asked by the Government to transition their watch making expertise for wartime manufacture, focusing on the complex manufacture of mechanical time fuzes for bombs, mortar rounds, and artillery shells. Do D visual information does not imply or constitute Do D endorsement.

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There are four types of watches on Horology; excellent, good, poor and coffee table. Firstly Stan has done exceptional research, I could not find anything to dispute or question, secondly in addition to a lot of greatly photographed and cataloged pieces, we had those exceptional extra relevant facts like Chapter 1 Wristwatches Purchased for the US Army - US General Specification 579 - D (Oct 24th 1916)Chapter 9 "Crystal Guards" - Exceptional research, with outstanding examples and original adverts.

From what I understand Stan is currently writing another book about Waltham Trench Watches, I will certainly purchase his next book as well. This first book focuses on Elgin watches, and I can hardly wait for the next book on Waltham.

I specialize in antique Elgin pocket watch repair and and Elgin pocket watch restoration.

You might find my Elgin pocket watch repair page interesting as I've made available to you Elgin pocket watch production numbers that will assist you in dating your watch, as well as photos of a few of the Elgin pocket watches that I've restored for my customers.

Regardless of the current condition of your Elgin pocket watch, know that they were originally made so perfectly, that with proper servicing and expert repair, it can again be an honest instrument again - for many years to come.

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