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The City Pages staff compiled a list of our favorite things to do around town. Catch the incredible views as the leaves change color up north in the fall. Visit the Minnesota Zoo for a taste of local wildlife on the Minnesota Trail or their killer summer concert series. Grab hold of those handlebars and bike your way through one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Whether you love the great outdoors or prefer indoor comfort, here are 50 Fun Things to Do in Minnesota.

He looks around, then walks to the front of the car and leans against the flame-covered hood. We hear static and a large vertical band of red floats mysteriously across the screen. Pulling back further, we realize it is a car radio filling the screen and radio stations we're hearing, until the indicator stops. Pulling back slowly, we watch the glowing band traverse back and forth over the amber light and past more numbers appearing-- 70... There's a pause..suddenly we are hit by a blasting-out-of-the-past, Rocking and Rolling, turn-up- the-volume, pounding Intro to a Vintage 1962 Golden Week-End Radio Show--back when things were simpler and the music was better. I've gotten- Suddenly a horn honks and they all turn. 2016 Business of the Year (Small) 2016 Business of the Year (Large) 2016 Citizen of the Year 2016 Community Service Award 2016 Junior Achievement 2016 Lifetime Achievement We encourage you to join us at the Annual Award Dinner to recognize these outstanding individuals and organizations!Tickets are each ( at door) or reserve a VIP Table for 0 (includes 8 tickets and business card advertisement on adjacent table).

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