Dating tawag sa edsa

Madalas na inilalarawan ditoang dalawang hayop na may magkaibang ugali ang kwento na nagwawagi ang may mabuting ugali at nag-iiwan ng aral.

Cruz’s failure to get a passing score of 95% after undergoing a six-week performance improvement and evaluation program caused him to be formally dismissed from employment on May 30, 2012 on grounds of gross and habitual neglect of duties. Oliver Cruz filed a complaint against VXI Global Holding, Inc./ Mr. for actual illegal dismissal, non-payment of: salary, rest day premium, service incentive leave, 13 month pay, separation pay and night differential; damages and attorney’s fees. Cruz was hired as Sales Verifier and was appointed as Quality Assurance Analyst on February 1, 2010. Cruz was assessed by his then supervisor Jayson Cruz, as needing to improve his performance in specified areas of his duties. Oliver Cruz was notified about his dozing off during work hours. Cruz then agreed to undergo the six-week performance improvement and evaluation program, resulting only to a 75% actual score, short of the 95% passing target. Oliver Cruz was legally dismissed from employment because of his failure to comply with the company standards. Cruz was placed on QAPA or performance evaluation which stated the standards that he has to meet. Cruz to meet the standards stated therein will merit the sanction provided in the Code of Conduct and Discipline of the company. It may also be cut short when his probationary ends and he is not appointed as a regular employee, or when his fixed-term, project contract, seasonal or casual employment ends. Cruz, after failing a six-week performance improvement and evaluation program, was dismissed caused by gross and habitual neglect of duties.

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It is a considered judgement that failing a required performance improvement and evaluation program cannot constitute a gross and habitual neglect of duties as to warrant a valid dismissal from employment. Cruz committed no neglect of duty that may be reasonably characterized as gross nor was there any such supposed neglect that had been committed habitually.

There existed, therefore, no just cause to dismiss Mr.

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