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Ukraine International Airlines provides services in passenger transportation and air-cargo operations.

During the period of its existence this prominent company managed to succeed in creating a competitive company with high-quality standards, extension of partnership and integration of the Ukrainian air transportation system into the world air-net.

I must say with great appreciation that the agency I hired to perform an identity check on a supposed Russian "friend" has done quite an admirable job!

They were extremely professional, thorough, and prompt in their search for information.

The issuance of the new ordinary passport in the Ukrainian diplomatic representations overseas where the applications can be lodged started in April 2015.

Electronic diplomatic and service passports started to be issued in May 2015.

Ukraine Airlines cooperates with world outstanding air-carriers and due to such collaboration it features about 3000 destinations at the best prices.

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The annex to the CSWD — the Assessment of Migratory and Security Impacts — is primarily based on information provided by EU Agencies and the EU Border Assistance Mission to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM), and other available sources, including Eurostat data. In the sections corresponding to VLAP blocks, it lists all the second-phase benchmarks and describes their state of implementation, focusing in particular on developments that took place after the fifth progress report was published on .

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EUROPEAN COMMISSION Brussels, SWD(2015) 705 final COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT Accompanying the document Sixth Progress Report on Ukraine's implementation of the action plan on visa liberalisation and, in line with the methodology outlined in the VLAP, provides a detailed analysis of the most relevant developments relating to the implementation of the second-phase VLAP benchmarks for effective and sustainable implementation of relevant measures.

The annex to the CSWD includes an updated assessment of the potential migratory and security impacts on the European Union (EU) of future visa liberalisation for Ukraine.

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