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'It was a crazy feeling while I was filling out the paperwork because I felt like I was breaking a law, like somebody was going to come in and say, "You know you can't have this,'' said Carlile of getting her marriage license. And her mom and dad were there and it was just really special.

So we have a marriage license in Massachusetts.'As she described her plans earlier this week, she admitted she never thought she'd have the chance to celebrate love this way.'It's so surprising,' Carlile said, 'and so hard fought. I wouldn't have been able to picture myself married or successful or pursuing my dreams if there hadn't been other people that had done it before me, like role models, and that's why talking about it is so important.

The album was recorded in a mellow, experimental atmosphere.

Carlile thinks Bear Creek is her best record because of that total freedom.

The American was a familiar figure to Brits (he had his own BBC2 series) and was a regular on child-friendly TV specials.Just after she finished up the first leg of a tour (the second begins in January) and overcame swine flu, Carlile sat down with to chat with Out about the best part of meeting Elton, her arresting girlfriend, and how her gay role models have made it easier to be out.Out: There's a lot of soul-searching on Give Up the Ghost.She hopes to do her part to help pass Referendum 74 to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington along with other issues she feels are important, like opposing the Defense of Marriage Act.'There's a political undercurrent around equality right now that just demands a voice, voices to rise up and say, 'Yeah, I'm one of these people too and I believe this thing as well,'' said Carlile. We're on the cusp of a civil rights movement and so I have to be a part of it and I want to be.'The singer's closest friends say Shepherd's presence has changed Carlile in so many ways, and not just personally.It's even reflected in Bear Creek, released earlier this summer.

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